Ergonomic Office Space Redesign

For the vast majority of office workers, long hours of daily sitting or standing can damage the body in numerous ways. The resulting harms can run the gamut from backache to pinched nerves to chronic disease. Any of these debilities can affect the worker’s morale as well as his output.

An ergonomic workspace, on the other hand, can prevent such troubles from ever rearing their heads while giving those that already exist a needed chance to heal. The provision of a modern ergonomic office will not only improve productivity but also reduce a business’s health insurance and workers’ compensation expenditures. Best of all, these upgrades are as simple to achieve as they are cost-effective.

Here’s what you’ll need to turn your harmful office environment into an ergonomically healthful place to work.

Tables and Computer Desks

Ergonomic Computer DeskFor workers who must either stand or sit for extended periods during the day, adjustable tables and computer desks offer a myriad of benefits. These range from reductions in neck, back and muscle pain to improvements in stamina and mental acuity. Working at a table or desk of the proper height will also diminish the attendant physical strain that can often lead to heart disease, back pain, cancer and other chronic ailments.

Sit-to-Stand Workstations

Hours on the feet or hours in a chair: Each is equally bad for human health. While long periods of sedentary sitting increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity and type II diabetes, continual standing will stress the back and neck while straining joints and muscles in the lower extremities. For the worker who must remain in one place, can there be any solution?

Fortunately, the answer is yes. For people who work long days in an office environment, sit-to-stand workstations afford the best of both worlds. This modern solution allows workers to achieve comfortable postures throughout the day by changing to a seated or upright position whenever the need arises.

Ergonomic Lighting

Any business that deprives its workers of sufficient and properly distributed illumination or bombards them with lights that flicker and glare does them a grave disservice. The headaches, eyestrain and contorted positions that result not only hamper productivity but can also lead to wasted energy costs. Properly placed overhead and desktop lighting, on the other hand, can relieve these strains while improving worker output.

Ergonomic Keyboard Solutions

For anyone who spends his days before a keyboard with arms bent at an improper angle, it’s only a matter of time before the pain sets in. Keyboard platforms with articulating arms are essential to providing a variety of users with the proper typing position. Keeping the elbows bent at the appropriate 90-degree angle will assist in preventing the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome and similar overuse injuries.

Ergonomic Monitor Arms

When viewing any computer screen, it is vital to keep it at eye level. Monitor arms enable this essential computing component to float above the work surface at the optimal height and distance for all users while letting them move it out of the way with ease whenever they must. Dual models permit the side-by-side attachment of two devices, and if space is at a premium, the pole-mounted monitor arm will attach behind a table or desk to leave the work surface consistently free.

Ergonomic Accessories

Certain additional items will increase the benefits of any ergonomic workspace. The footrest in particular will correct the posture of shorter workers whose feet do not rest properly on the floor. Taller employees, on the other hand, will appreciate the benefit of desk risers that lift their work surfaces to the appropriate height. CPU holders also play a valuable role in getting computers out of their users’ way.

The Ergonomic Office

The scientific discipline of ergonomics does more than simply improve your workers’ health, comfort, safety and productivity. It can also help to lower your business’s operating costs. For the office that wants to enhance the abilities of its employees while helping them overcome what might otherwise amount to crippling limitations, the increase in output and improvement in morale make ergonomic upgrades entirely worthwhile.

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