Office Furniture for Startups

Business FurnitureBig or small, conventional or avant-garde, every startup company faces multiple challenges. One of the biggest has to do with determining future growth. When it comes to setting up your new office space, the unpredictability of your business’s expansion potential can cause difficulty at a time when resource conservation needs to reign supreme. If you don’t know what the future will bring, selecting office furniture can be particularly problematic.

That’s why I am so excited to collaborate with Clear Design, a distributor that specializes in fulfilling the specific office space needs of all types of startup. In seeking out this association, I recognized the necessity of acquiring functional office furnishings that arrive on time, install quickly and meet any company’s budgetary requirements. The BLADE System from Clear Design fulfills these needs and more.

Here’s how the company works its magic.

The BLADE System and Open-Plan Design

Every startup deserves an office environment that fosters collaboration in a budget-friendly fashion. Those who choose to jettison the traditional cubicle setup in favor of an open-office plan often find that the benefits are many. They include:

  • Improved communication. Cubicle workers have a way of keeping to themselves. By blocking their view of co-workers, the walls that surround them effectively discourage attempts at collaboration. An open floor plan, on the other hand, liberates workers from that isolation, freeing them to speak naturally, share ideas and engage in dynamic brainstorming sessions.
  • Better atmospheric conditions. Everyone who has worked within in a cubicle’s confines knows what it means to feel trapped. Unwelcome seclusion is just part of the equation. Unless his workspace sits beside a window wall, the cubicle occupant will often toil away in a dark and airless environment. By doing away with those artificial walls, the open office plan allows all workers to benefit alike from adequate airflow, optimal temperatures, and natural light. The resulting reduction in stress and eyestrain can increase a worker’s concentration and boost productivity by more than 7 percent.
  • Ease of staying in the loop. The open floor plan allows all workers to understand the ins and the outs of what others are thinking and saying. This sort of setup gives managers the perfect opportunity to state their opinions and even offer direction when the need arises. Of course, there may come a time when a worker needs to speak with you or a colleague in private, so the well-planned business will set aside a private room with closable doors to allow for these confidential meetings.

The BLADE Open Office Is Cost-Effective

The most successful startups understand the importance of keeping to a budget. The winners consistently avoid squandering money, knowing that every penny could be put to better use through advertising, attracting investors and otherwise building the business. The BLADE System lets you set up a workable office space without breaking the bank.

Given the often-exorbitant cost of office-space square footage, it’s comforting to know that an open floor plan consumes at least 25 percent less of this precious commodity than does a traditional cubicle setup. Better yet, the smaller footprint of Clear Design’s BLADE System allows you to save between 14 and 40 percent of what you’d pay for a traditional cubicle-based layout. Use of the BLADE System permits creative and dynamic workplace configurations while allowing your startup to put the money you save to far better use.

The BLADE System’s Special Attributes

Startups that rely on the BLADE System find it to be flexible, reconfigurable and easily installed. In addition to furnishings for the traditional open plan system, BLADE offers economical solutions for the private office and conference room. Its ingenious 120-degree workstations allow employees to sit side-by-side but not facing each other while its Stand-Up Series adapts perfectly to quick meetings and on-the-go tasks performed at standing height. Space-conscious business owners will especially appreciate the folding training-room furniture.

For many startups, the BLADE Benching concept might prove to be the most useful. Because its components feature locking, expandable beams, it’s easy to repurpose a particular piece or change the size of a workstation. As your business grows and expands, the Benching concept allows your setup to change along with it and thereby maximize your use of available space.

The Startup Solution for You

As a certified small-business office furniture dealership who represents more than 50 manufacturers, I’m excited to have associated myself with a company like Clear Design. Their innovative designs and BLADE System setups provide the perfect solutions for my startup business clients. If you’re ready to furnish your new company’s offices, Madden Business Interiors is ready and waiting for you.