Trendway and Sustainability

I have always believed in helping to create a sustainable world, not only for the benefit of current generations but also for the needs of our planet’s future inhabitants. Although it may seem distant and hard to imagine, the long-term well-being if not the survival of our youngest generations will hinge on the things that each of us does in the here and now. For me, that makes it vital to focus an eagle eye on preserving the things we already have and keeping the earth pure for those who are yet to come.

As I think about my involvement with Trendway, I can’t help but be struck by how much I value working as a dealer for such a committed industry. My reasons for feeling this way come down to seven in particular. Let me tell you what they are.

1. Trendway’s Adaptable Products

Trendway’s earth-friendly prefabricated products install with ease in just a few steps. My clients love them for their flexibility and reconfigurable character that allows them to move sections about as needed with never a need for pulling the entire thing to pieces. As your company grows and changes, you can update your existing Trendway products right along with it.

2. Trendway’s Green Commitment

Although Trendway’s offerings may outwardly resemble others like them, don’t let their looks deceive you. On the inside, they’re as green as any product can be. Trendway’s designers continually seek out the latest in developing technologies and nontoxic materials to meet the needs of their forward-thinking customers. With an eye to conservation and waste reduction, their aim is to keep Trendway’s products “green from the inside out.”

3. Trendway’s Respect for the Environment

When it comes to understanding Earth’s delicate ecological balance, no one knows it better than the folks at Trendway. That’s why they constantly try so hard to meet the company’s goal of 100 percent compliance with environmental standards. In line with its policy of “reduce and reuse,” Trendway recycles over 80 percent of its waste products for use in new product development and agricultural soil enhancement. Their dedication has earned them Michigan’s “minor source” air pollution classification and the undying gratitude of trees everywhere.

4. Trendway’s Devotion to Changeable Design

Sustainability calls for simply designed, reusable products that never go out of style. The folks at Trendway go one step further to ensure that their products can easily evolve and expand to meet my clients’ growing needs. You’ll have no problem integrating Trendway products with your existing installations, melding all pieces with the least-possible impact on your financial investment.

5. Trendway’s Dedication to Reusability

Every item in Trendway’s line of architectural products is more than 99 percent reusable. For example, their Architectural Walls contain none of the dangerous gypsum found in traditional drywall. Since many municipalities now require the costly separation of this non-biodegradable element from other construction waste, the use of Trendway’s recyclable products does more than help save the planet. It also saves my clients money.

6. Trendway’s People

The people who work for environmentally responsible companies are almost always a breed apart. They have a passion for what they do. They understand the importance of the roles they play and want the things they do to make a difference in the world. At Trendway in particular, this general sense of caring spills over into their daily lives, affecting the ways in which they behave and interact with others. Their enthusiasm is hard to contain and tends to lift everyone around them to a higher and happier level.

7. Trendway’s Allegiance to Sustainability

In a world that often seems balanced on the edge of environmental disaster, I believe that the value of sustainable development reaches far beyond a simple political concept. The survival of humanity will likely depend on our ability to transform the principle of sustainability into action. In view of the threat to our planet’s health, it seems both fitting and essential that we take the time and effort to get this right.

That’s why I’m so proud to offer Trendway’s sustainable products to my own clients. I care about our planet’s future, and knowing I can make a difference is what makes the difference for me.

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